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  • Castle Dedede is perched, in Ink City, on a small hill. If it relocates, the hill will relocate with it. If it vanishes, so too will the hill.
  • Pretty spacious, triply so now that there's no Waddle Dee inhabitants. Regardless, it's pretty small for a castle, as hilltop castles tended to be. In all honesty, it would be approximately twice the size of Crmsn's house all around, roughly about two acres in size, half of that being available living space.
  • Somewhat labyrinthine - considering frequent Kirby invasions, Dedede has worked to make it as hard for the puffball to get in as possible. There's shortcuts, naturally, but don't expect them to be as unguarded as things in Trevor's compound.
  • Dedede's private quarters are right next to the throne room and a workout room. Surprisingly, said workout room is as well-kept and stocked as any gym. The throne room has an odd contraption that simply does not work any more - the monster transmitter has no connection on the other end. If that's due to Kirby's interference or the move to Ink City is entirely up to speculation.

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Name: Kingsonnn Dededoo King Dedede
From: Kirby, though based largely off of the Brawl in the Family version
Appearance: He's a big blue penguin. Sometimes not as well-drawn.
Age: Adult, likely early-middle age
Gender: Male
Personality: It's hard to call Dedede evil - after all, he HAS helped save the world on multiple occasions! On the other hand, he's incredibly self-serving, and seems to have at best a long-running rivalry with Kirby and at worst a blood vendetta against him. When it comes down to it, though, Dedede embodies three things: selfishness, greed... and, for the most part a general sense of good.

Backstory: Once upon a time in Dream Land, there was a greedy, mean king. Not happy with simply taxing his people, this king took all the peoples' food for himself! That reign of snackless tyranny was not long, however, as a hero with a pure heart came and trounced the evil king, returning food to the people!

Too bad Dedede was the king and not the hero. Ever since that first encounter with Kirby, though, he's made it his goal to get back at the puffball. Not that it was all a roaring rampage of revenge, oh, no. After all, Kirby was even more focused on food than HE was! While he was off looking for snacks and the like, it was up to Dedede to stop the attack of an evil Nightmare on Dream Land by breaking the star rod atop the fountain of dreams! ...too bad that Kirby unthinkingly put it back together. Sure, Kirby defeated the Nightmare, but that's how things seem to go with the pink thing around.

Similar incidents cropped up in the following years since Kirby's arrival on Popstar... a psychotic clown wishing the power of gods unto himself, a malevolent beast of pure darkness that possessed Dedede not once, but twice, a sorceror that decided to turn everything to yarn for... no real good reason. But those days are passed, now, and Dedede mostly spends his time relaxing, plotting revenge on Kirby, and occasionally doing things like... playing Golf with him. Okay, so he and Kirby have patched up things a bit since then. He still hates the marshmallow. Honest.

Moral Standing: Neutral Selfish - might seem 'evil' at times, but really, he's just a jerk with a heart of... well, not gold. Maybe, like, yellow paint.
Dreams: Dedede is simple enough. It's hard to say what his 'dreams' are, since he achieved his most important one - being King of Dream Land. He wants to get back at Kirby for repeated humiliations, but past that, all Dedede dreams about is the next good meal and the next day of lounging around on his peoples' dollar.
Fears: Believe it or not, his fears are a bit deeper than simply "not being King" - whether or not he admits it, he worries a LOT about the safety and well-being of his Waddle Dees, and losing their approval and respect is one of his greatest worries. He also has a slight fear of demonic possession, considering how frequently it's managed to happen to him.
Extra: I'm taking a large portion of Brawl in the Family as canon. What does this mean? Dedede is aware of the nature and mechanics of Brawls, is aware that games are made with him IN them, but is still FROM an actual Popstar/Dream Land. It also minorly affects backstory regarding Meta Knight and a few Brawl 'canonmates', but that's it.
Samples: So his pattern's a little predictable.
Don't worry, this version lacks the Slim Pickens accent.
But he IS still this lazy.
Writing Sample: Recent Dear_Mun entry, and a far more ancient entry from a Sumabura Gakuen-styled musebox.


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